Âme Momentos - Início



More than a destiny or a tour, we turn your trip into your book. We provide all the necessary tools so you can write it as well as it pleases you. If you are tired of touristic tours, of what everybody can search online, if you want stories to tell once you return home, parties, landscapes, trails, cruises, everything customised and made for you...

Let us show you the best things the world has to offer!

Gifts and Surprises

How many times have you ever wanted to offer something to a special person and ran out of ideas?

We can help you.

We personalise every gift and assure you will get the whole credit for the moment. We seek the ideal gift for a special occasion. We do it costume-made, based on the recipient’s profile, something so unique that the moment and the giver will forever be remembered.


Turn every second into a single and immortal moment, share it with your beloved ones and enjoy the best life can offer.

In Âme we plan the best moments, we arrange everything so that any anniversary, wedding proposal, dinner, special date or that spur of the moment party, is forever remembered by all its participants. We meet your expectations and we overcome every detail.


“All a dream needs to come true is someone to believe it can become true.”
(Roberto Shinyashiki)

In Âme, more than in your dream, we believe in you and in your power to make it come true. The only thing you need is a little push. That is why we exist. We meet your needs, from moments with big celebrities to access to major world events or the possibility to book castles and monuments for special occasions…